The locations chosen for Bugstock were picked due to their potentials for multi-legged quarry. Although we do not expect any encounters with, say, a 40-ft. constrictor with a taste for humans that is as yet undescribed to science, we hope everyone can have a safe and exciting time..

         The property ("the farm") owners and/or the event organizers cannot be held responsible for any injury, loss, or damages of any kind associated with attending this event. Venturing into any natural habitat can be dangerous (as we all know), and any attendees who participate in any of the activities will do so completely at their own risk. Attendees must exercise good judgment and caution when visiting any area of the property.

         This is a family-friendly event and kids are welcome. Children must be under the supervision of parents or guardians at all times. Please be considerate of other "buggers" and above all, have a great time.


Thank you and Happy Bugging!!